Why do we do it…..let me tell you a story.

In November of 2011 I had a Dream.  The Dream was different from other dreams; it was so simple, so clear, so vivid, and so memorable.  I guess I’ll call it a Vision.

The Vision was Doug Bouma and I sitting at a small conference table having a meeting.  Before too long somebody else showed up, not sure who they were but then there were three.  A short time after that a couple more people showed up and we had to move to a bigger table.  Shortly after that several more people arrived and we moved to yet a bigger table.  Yes, more people showed up after that and we moved to a very large table.  In fact once the large table was full of people, even more people arrived and there was nowhere for them to sit.  Standing room only.  The room was full.  Then I woke up.

What was that?

I had worked with Doug for about 9 years prior to this dream, but wasn’t working for him at the moment.  In fact I really didn’t know what Doug was up to at the time.  The next day I felt inspired to write Doug a letter so I did and I sent it to him.  The letter thanked him for this and that because Doug had done a lot for me in the past, wished him well and then said, “by the way let’s get together I want to tell you about my dream”.

Well shortly after Doug and I did get together, and it wasn’t long before Doug and I agreed to work together.  See Doug was starting a new company, Bouma USA.  He had a strategy developed and a business plan and he was working through how to get things started.  I didn’t know how much I was going to make, or what the benefits were, but I did know that I wanted to work with Doug.  So I took a giant step of Faith.

Others did the same.  Scott Packer, Ken Skinner, David Stanley all connected with Doug and agreed to come on board, before compensation was ever discussed.  In fact Ken agreed to work for a month or two for nothing, until the business was up and running.  This is strange, you might think.  People just don’t normally do this type of thing.  Well, that may be true, but this is a special group of people that have come together to form a very special culture.

It is a culture where we enjoy what we do.  It is a culture where we remain committed to stay calm, patient and considerate.  It is a culture of serving others.  It is a culture where we commit to walk with integrity and confidence.  It is the culture that allows us to be passionate about what we do.  That’s the best I can describe it for it is hard to explain.

So, what was that?

That Dream or Vision, it was the first step in a walk of Faith that I find myself in.  That all of us here at Bouma USA are walking in.  Some may find this frightening or become insecure with a walk like this.  A young business in today’s economy and in the construction industry, wow, that is risky.  Well maybe it is, but with the group of experienced people that we have, the culture that we have and most importantly with God leading the way, we can’t help but to be at peace with this.

So now Bouma USA’s vision is getting more and more clear every day.  Tomorrow is another day and we just can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Paul Bierlein
Bouma USA


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