Here is what some of our clients, subcontractors and other lending institutions have to say about Bouma USA Management.

Laura Herman | Headmaster | The Palmdale Aerospace Academy | Palmdale, CA

Laura Herman






Robert Sommers | Superintendent| Carpe Diem Innovative School | Cincinnati, OH

Bob Sommers





Mark Zeizel | Assistant Vice President | Charter School Development Corporation | Columnia, MD

Mark Zeizel





Mitch Walker | Senior Vice President | Jefferson Bank | San Antonio, TX

Jefferson Bank Reference

Sharon Malone | Adams Traditional Academy | Phoenix, AZ

Adams Traditional Academy

“I feel like I can completely trust what they say, their work ethic, their communication and they were mindful of our budget.”

Bill Hadlock, PE | Vice President | Paradigm Design, Inc.| Grand Rapids, MI

Bill Hadlock




Richard Sorenson | Lines & Lundgreen Roofing and Insulation, Inc | Yuma, AZ

Lines & Lundgreen Roofing

Bouma USA has become my all-time favorite commercial contractor to work with.  Timing on commercial jobs is always a problem it seems but as a subcontractor I have never had a company work with us so proactively to meet our needs.  Let me give you a couple of examples.  Our first billing was a little bit late and it was a stored materials bill.  Those need to be perfect to get paid.  They helped me work through the process so that we could get paid on that pay application.  It was the personal touch that was so different.  A second example was our billing was off as a result of timing on change orders.  Trish, from the office, worked me through the process so that I could be in agreement with their records and prevent delays.  That was how it was every time I worked with them.  It truly was a team approach instead of a you versus me approach.  Any disagreements that popped up were handled professionally.  More than anything else it is the manner in which they work with you to resolve any issue in a timely manner and make you feel good about it.  I will jump at the chance to work with them again.”

Jerry Spores | President of AARA Construction | Phoenix, AZ


“Bouma USA Management was a great company to work with.  Ken Skinner was a great project manager.  He stopped by the jobsite to meet us and see who was going to be working on the job at the beginning of the project, and his professionalism carried on throughout the project.  We would be glad to work with Bouma on any future projects.”

Vicki Fischer | Controller/Officer Manager of AARA Construction | Phoenix, AZ


“Bouma USA Management was a pleasure to work with.  Everyone in their office, and on the project were great to work with.  They were always prompt in responding to any questions, our billings were always promptly processed and payments were always turned around and received prior to the due date.  We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Kelly Boyd | Vice President of Klein’s Kustom Electric | Yuma, AZ

Kleins Electric

“I give Bouma, USA an A+ rating as far as General Contractors go. I instantly felt at ease at their kick-off meeting for a new school job in Yuma we were going to do for them. Their professionalism and “team mentality” was so refreshing! I was mostly involved with the paperwork & billing side of things but heard nothing but good from the guys in the field working with them. They paid my draws like clockwork which allowed us to get our bills paid in a timely manner. The communication was phenomenal. I knew that I could send an email with a question and would get an answer back immediately. Definitely would love to work with this company again!”

Scott Schuster  Owner of Integrated Lathe and Plaster | Phoenix, AZ

Integrated Lath

“From a subcontractors point of view the words Trade Partner, We’re a Team, and Mutual Success are thrown around a lot these days in respect to the sub / GC relationship. Way too often by the end of the job we wonder where all of those phrases and commitments went.

Over the last four years ILP has been lucky enough to work on many jobs with Bouma USA. For us, on EVERY job, they have gone above and beyond what you normally expect from a GC.

Bouma USA starts with finding great owners that from our view have the same values of fair play for all. Bouma USA has a very productive Pre Construction meeting. At that time schedules and expectations are rolled out by their construction and management team.

Bouma USA runs their jobs at a very high pace. Their Field Managers keep the job running fast and smooth so we can get in and out. With the pace and efficiency of their projects we optimize our ability to make a profit.

Bouma USA requires us to be fast and efficient on the job and in turn they pay fast and efficient. Get your paperwork to them timely and correctly and you get paid timely and correctly.

ILP would recommend Bouma USA not only to a subcontractor but also to owners and developers. They are a great group of people that do a great job for all the people they work around. ILP thanks Bouma USA for letting us be part of their building experience. “

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